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Dark Harvest

Release Date: September 30, 2018

Dark Harvest is a story about conflict. A modern conflict with roots preceding the first camel caravans that crossed the Sahara. A conflict that threatens to once again swallow all of the Middle East and this time, take America with it.

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The Caliphate
(Sequel to Dark Harvest)

Release Date: Yet to be determined

A Western-friendly caliphate has been established, bringing heightened prosperity to all of the Arab countries in the Middle East. But not everyone inside the caliphate supports the new regime. Trouble is looming, and the clock is ticking down.

The image provided above is my cover concept for 'The Caliphate'. The Arabic writing captures the names of four key Caliphs from the early Islamic period and will help to set the tone for this book. I also happen to find it a stunningly beautiful image.

Tiergartenstrasse Fear

Release Date: Yet to be determined

The Nazi program of euthanizing those who were deemed by the state as 'undesirable' was managed out of a house located at Tiergartenstrasse #4, in Berlin. The number '4' is pronounced 'vier' in German which sounds like 'fear' in English - an interesting double entendre. Watch for this novel about Nazi atrocities and the choices people had to make between their devotion to the Fatherland and their love for the most vulnerable of their family members.