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Updated: Nov 1, 2018

Well, I did it again. I have gone into another bookstore, this time the Blue Heron in Uxbridge. I used my own version of 'The Art of the Deal', which is fairly light on 'Art' and totally absent of 'Deal' in hopes that they would like my book enough to put it on their shelves. But this time there was more! I spoke with Will, the store manager, about holding a book launch / signing event in their store. After a bit of magic at the computer checking calendars, we set Saturday, November 17th as the date and 2:00 p.m. as the starting time. That was the easy part! Now I have to think about what to say when people come by and ask, "So tell me what your book's all about." The dreaded elevator speech. I'm not usually nervous about speaking in front of people - I've been doing it for years. The issue is how to keep from babbling on and on about something that I have come to care so much about. As those who know me well often say, 'Would you just get to the point!" Well, the good news is that I have a couple of weeks to figure it all out. I want / need to tell them enough to make them interested in the book, but do that without giving too much of the plot away (that's the tough part!).

While I was in the store, Will introduced me to a very well known Canadian author (I didn't ask him if I could name him in my blog, so I won't identify him here) who was checking in on the store's inventory of his newest book (okay, I won't name him, but I'll name his book! Dam Busters. It's about a key RAF mission during the Second World War that involved a number of Canadians and if you are interested in Canadian military history, this would be a must read! And okay - the author's name is Ted Barris - see, I just can't keep a secret!) and we had a great chat about writing and the business of getting your books out there to the public. He said that if he was around the area on the 17th, he would drop in to the book launch / signing. I really felt like I was part of the author's world for a few minutes. I really hope that this feeling is just the beginning of what has always been a life-long dream.

So, if you are in the area of Uxbridge, Ontario on the 17th, please drop in to the Blue Heron and say hello to the staff and then please come by the table. I would love the company!

Thanks to Will and the staff of the Blue Heron bookstore in Uxbridge!

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