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A Big Thumbs Up For Smoke Over Baghdad

Matt Pechey is a super-reviewer on Goodreads, having provided almost 3,500 reviews on that site. Matt has recently reviewed Smoke Over Baghdad for Goodreads and has had some really great things to say about the book - some of which I am going to provide below. If you want to read Matt's entire review, you can find that review here:

I should mention for both Matt's sake as well as mine, Matt and I have never met and no money was exchanged. Matt reviewed Smoke Over Baghdad simply because he loves to read and enjoys providing feedback on books.

So - here are some of the highlights from Matt's review:

In this sequel to his stunning debut political thriller, Dark Harvest, David L. Thompson mesmerizes the reader yet again with an intricate storyline whose twists never end and well-developed characters that come to life.

Thompson chooses how to craft his characters carefully, allowing them to enrich his story. In a novel that stands out from the various pieces in an over-worked terrorism theme, Thompson finds new ways to keep the reader enthralled while pushing the limits of geo-political clashes that inch towards nuclear aggression. Adding his Canadian flavour to the story, Thompson is able to compete in the genre without using too many over-used themes that others have flogged to death.

Thompson is one author who ought to get much more recognition than he does for the work he’s done on these two novels. Highly recommended to those who enjoy geo-political thrillers that mirror modern day, as well as the reader who needs something that will keep them up late into the night, wondering and guessing.

I am eager to tackle the final book, which Thompson hopes will tie things up effectively. I will have to exert my patience to see how it all comes together, but am excited to see how all the characters and this politically fragile world all come to a reasonable end.

Thanks Matt for your kind words and your enthusiastic support for both Dark Harvest and Smoke Over Baghdad!!

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