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A Father's Pride

My family has been a great support to me as I explore my artistic side. From my sons giving me advice on weapons and tactics and providing feedback on storyline pacing, to my entire gaggle of kidlets turning out for my book launch, they have been there for me - and that support makes everything else that could happen on this journey pale by comparison.

Since we are all children to someone, we all know that a child wants to be loved by their parents. But parents also want and need the love of their children in return. If those children throw in a smattering of pride over their parent's accomplishments, then it really doesn't get much better than that!

My oldest daughter, Amanda, recently wrote something on Facebook that I would like to add to this blog. Maybe she's the real writer in the family after all...

"I have to start by saying this isnt just a plug... I sat down and read (binged) my way through this book and it's SO good. Honestly, when your family does something as incredible as finish a novel, you support them regardless. You buy their book, you post about it, you share their stuff. But I was able to fully slip out of the "my dad wrote this" mind set while reading this, and fully lose myself in the story. Im stunned. I've always known that my Dad was super intelligent, I would tell anyone at anytime that he's the smartest person I know. But the amount of information, detail and knowledge that went into this book is astonishing. I'm astonished. He's more intelligent than I ever even knew. If you're interested in suspense, thrillers, the FBI/CIA, counter terrorism, the war in the middle east, then you need to read this. If you have any depth of knowledge in any of those fields, then you'll really WANT to read this. Even if you're not into those things, but you just enjoy reading, (like me) then you should give it a shot. It'll make you think. You may disagree with some things, you may have some revelations, but I believe regardless you'll be entertained! I very honestly cant wait until the sequel." Amanda

I guess that as I stumble along through this life, trying to be a decent person, I have done a few things right. Thank you Mandy for your support with Dark Harvest and for your love. Big Hugs - Dad

Mandy trying to outdo Dad at the keyboard even before she could walk!

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