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And So We Begin...

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will use this blog to help explain a bit about that part of the world where many of the characters in Dark Harvest came from, including the conflicts that have raged across the region for centuries.

I would like to begin by asking you, the reader, a few questions. Have you ever been to the Middle East? Have you heard about its historical contributions to science and medicine?

Can you identify Arabic writing? Have you ever seen Hebrew written or heard Hebrew spoken? If one looks at three of the worlds greatest religions (listed in alphabetical order) Christianity, Islam and Judaism - why did all three spring from this region? It is truly a fascinating place, and one worthy of a closer look in this blog.

My first entry gives homage to the great architectural beauty of the Islamic world. Have you ever seen the structure shown in the photograph? If not, what do you think it is? What has the architect tried to capture in its design? It is called the Burj Al Arab (google it) - and it is a stunning example of the region's modern architecture.

I will post a link below - one that I really recommend you click on. It will take you to a Youtube video of a structure that captures the highly sophisticated artistic and cultural standards for the region. It can all be summed up by the word magnificent.

There are so many examples of such architecture throughout the Islamic world, that it deserves a blog all to itself. But I have other things to write about here. My next entry will focus more on the great contributions of Arab science - a topic I love! Then it will be off to Israel where we will explore the great cultural and scientific contributions made by the Jewish people. Please come back and join me again on this tour of discovery.


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