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Birth of a Salesman

So, how does a guy who is not a salesman, never wanted to be a salesman, who would stuff his own paltry allowance into the band-a-thon envelope back in high-school so that he didn't have to ask people to sponsor him during those all-nighter keep-the-music-playing fund raisers, go about getting his book into a bookstore? Hmmmmm.

Okay (I say to myself) - I've got to get up the gumption and do this. The book isn't going to just fly out my dining room window (yep - I've got a bunch of the books sitting on the dining room table) and into the hands of adoring fans! I've got to get out there and pedal it. Ugh. So... I typed up a label, put it inside one of the books and headed down to the business section of our little town. Objective - convince Books Galore to place my book on their shelves. Scary. Or so I thought. Actually, they were really great! And on top of that, there was a customer who was looking for an FBI thriller, and when she saw Dark Harvest, immediately asked me how much it was (I'm not kidding!). I couldn't have orchestrated a better sales pitch even if I was an award winning marketer-of-the-year kinda guy. I glowed. Her interest in my book gave me a little more confidence that Dark Harvest could sell in a bookstore. So, Bill (the store's owner/manager) and I had a really pleasant discussion about how to make that magic happen. And guess what? Dark Harvest is now proudly on display in my hometown's bookstore. And I've lived to talk about it...

Can't wait to see where this ride ends up!

Bill at our local bookstore taking in the very first consignment of Dark Harvest. Thanks Bill!!

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