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Hot & Steamy

Here is the third and final post of text bites from Entangled Hopes of Glory. Part of the scene (backstory) has been edited out for brevity...

"Bradley Parsons, a Brad Pitt look-alike… more-or-less… stood by the stove in his pajamas and housecoat, flipping pancakes while listening to the morning news on the radio. The coffee pot had already refilled his mug with the dark-roasted blend he ground every morning, and at least for the moment, life seemed good.

He slathered the last golden-brown flapjack with a little butter and slipped it into the warm oven, right on top of all the rest. He just bought himself a little time. Turning off the burner, he wiped his hands on his housecoat and headed for the bathroom. The shower door was covered in mist, but his wife’s shapely curves could easily be made out as Liz began lathering her hair.

Bradley reached for the handle on the shower door, pulled it open, and stood there, smiling.

“What?” Liz asked as she stopped working the conditioner into her hair.

“Can’t a guy just enjoy the scenery?” Bradley replied.

Liz squinted for a moment and then shook her head. What was it with men? Back to working in the suds, she pointed out that the temperature in the shower was dropping. Either he had to quickly strip and join her, or he should close the door.

“Breakfast is ready,” Bradley said while reaching in and running his fingers down her back - the sleeve of his housecoat directly in the line of spray. “But it’s staying warm in the oven… I could always—”

Liz pushed his arm out of the shower and closed the door.

“Times up,” she said from behind the glass. “You had your chance. You snooze, you lose. Come back tomorrow.”

Bradley’s grin grew broader. The morning was just beginning, and he had made sure that their calendars were both cleared - at least for the next three hours…"

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