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Sold Out!

So, this week we had a book signing event at the Indigo store in the Oshawa Centre. What a fantastic day! My whole family showed up (love each and every one of them!) along with some great friends - most of whom were local, but some who came from far away. I was also fortunate enough to meet some really great book-loving people for the first time. We talked about the kinds of books that fill their bookshelves, and why they enjoy those genres, plots and characters. We discussed other authors and what makes their books great to read and why some of their books fail to deliver. What a great way to spend a Saturday! And the best part? We SOLD OUT! Yep - had to pack up a little bit earlier than planned because so many of the people who came by were willing to take a chance on Dark Harvest. And guess what? One of the readers who bought Dark Harvest last week, when we were in Newmarket, has already posted a review on Good Reads - and it's a great one! This kind of feedback is so important - not just because it helps to motivate me in my writing, but because I have asked people to trust me when I tell them that it's a good book. I place my personal integrity on the line with each sale and can only hope that the purchaser feels I have been both honest and accurate in the words of my evolving 'sales pitch'. It's all about credibility.

Thanks to the staff at the Oshawa Indigo for allowing me to spend time with their customers.

Dark Harvest can be purchased on-line at the following locations:



Reviews can be found at:

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