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Evolution of a Salesman

One of my earliest entries in this blog was called The Birth of a Salesman and captured what it was like to go and speak to the first bookstore about carrying Dark Harvest. The next big step was the book launch where family and friends helped support me in meeting the public and trying to peddle my book. The day was a success but that was in spite of my limited ability to talk to people about what I had written. Well, yesterday was the next big evolutionary step. With the help of my wife Sabina, we set up the Dark Harvest display for the very first time in the largest book store chain in Canada - Chapters Indigo. Thanks to the group in the Newmarket Chapters Indigo for giving me the chance to tell their customers about my book and explain why they should consider buying it. While I have to work on that sales pitch, I was still able to sell quite a few books! People actually came by and listened to what I had to say and most of them thought that the book was worth the risk.

One of our visitors actually got on the phone with her husband and had him check out Dark Harvest on GoodReads. He gave her the thumbs up and she bought a copy. So... it's all coming together. Thanks to everyone who has gambled on buying, reading and then giving feedback on Dark Harvest.

Next Saturday (August 17th) it's Oshawa! Please drop in between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. if you are in the vicinity of the Oshawa Center. We will be setup in the Chapters Indigo on the lower level. Hope to see you there!

Dark Harvest can be purchased on-line at the following locations:



Reviews can be found at:

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