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Lucky Day in Lindsay

I'm starting to like this whole 'Let's take Dark Harvest to bookstores and see if they will carry it' thing! I am really pleased to say that Dark Harvest is now available in Kent Bookstore in Lindsay ( and I would like to thank Cheri, Kent Bookstore's proprietor, for her warm welcome, her interest in my book and her support for me as an author. And while I'm not yet ready to sell snow to Santa or sand to camels, the dreaded "Hi, my name is David Thompson and I was wondering if I could talk to you about my book' speech is not quite as scary as it was the day I first approached Books Galore here in Port Perry. I guess my new-found comfort level with all of this is likely due to having some 'selling' experience now. And in the end, I guess that's what life is really all about - a series of experiences; experiences that make us a little stronger, a little wiser or just a little more willing to reach beyond our comfort zone.

Since most people haven't tried to sell a book TO a bookstore (usually it is the other way around!) I thought I would share something that was not self-evident to me in the past. We should all talk to the people who work in the bookstores! They are really friendly and really knowledgeable! So, the next time you are in a cute, cozy bookstore, stop and chat with one (or more!) of the staff. Ask them what books they like to read, who their favorite author is, which character in which book is most unforgettable for them. Ask them how they came to be in the business and what part of the business they the love the most. You may just make a new friend or two! I feel as though I have.

Thanks Cheri for your support!

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