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Now THAT's Credibility!

So... you write a story about the FBI. What might give what you've written a little street credibility? How about a review on by an ex-FBI agent? Thanks CET007 for your kind endorsement of Dark Harvest and your 5 star rating! Here's that review:

"Thoughtfully crafted, clever, and suspenseful, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat! Thompson has written a story that allows the reader to enter the complex world of law enforcement, politics and terrorism. His knowledge regarding the intricacies of each of these elements lends great credibility to his writing. As a former FBI Agent, I would definitely recommend this book!"

As you can imagine, this has put a smile on my face!

After reading Dark Harvest, can you name the type of gun?

To find Dark Harvest on Amazon, you can go to or Here are the links:

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